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Information About Representation: 

When it comes time to know your rights, your best bet is to sit down with an attorney. A web site cannot compare to the advice a lawyer can give you in person. For many reasons, nothing on this web site should be construed as legal advice. Likewise, nothing about this site should be treated as authoritative source of the law in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania or any state. To learn the current state of the law, you will need to sit down with an attorney who has researched the law as it may apply to the facts in your case. Give our attorneys a call for a FREE consultation.

Attorney T. Elliott is admitted to practice law in Pennsylvania. T. Elliott makes no representation about the law in any other state. Most of the content of this site applies to Mr. Elliott’s practice in Pennsylvania; however, you must obtain a consultation to know which state’s law will apply to the facts in your case, and how that law will apply.

You should not rely on the information on this site except as a starting point for your own investigation into your rights and responsibilities given the particular facts of your case. You will need to have a conversation with an attorney in person (not through email), ask questions, and give the lawyer detailed information about your case in order for you to fully know and understand your rights and duties in any given situation.

Further, no attorney-client relationship will come into existence between you and Attorney Todd Elliott or between you and the firm of Elliott & Davis unless and until (1) you sign a written agreement for representation and (2) it is signed by Mr. Elliott and/or Elliott & Davis. Until then, no attorney or firm referenced on this web site will have any obligation to attend court for you and/or speak or write on your behalf in any capacity.

The content of this web site came from Todd Elliott, alone. Moreover, this web site is owned and controlled by Attorney Elliott. Mr. Elliott makes no representation on behalf of Elliott & Davis or any of its attorneys.

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Our firm focuses on:

Family Law

PFA – Protection From Abuse Act

Custody –  Child custody in PA

Divorce No fault, simple and complex divorce in Allegheny County

Support – spousal support, child support, APL, and alimony claims in Pittsburgh


Criminal Law – Assault, bad checks, and more

Drunk Driving DUI – First offense, second offense, ARD

Contract Law – Breach of contract, agreements to mediate

LLCs, S-Corp Corporate formation

Land Sale Review and drafting of purchase agreements

Deeds Preparation of deeds and property law

Tax Law

Corporation organization

Wills / POA Drafting

Asbestos Defense We defend manufacturers, suppliers and contractors.

Immigration Law Citizenship, Green Cards/Visas, Naturalization, Deportation

Our experienced attorneys in PA litigate cases involving accidents and injuries, civil rights, traumatic brain injuries, violations, excessive force, deceit, fraud claims, damages for fraud, deception of a partner, CFE, money and property loses, mental suffering and psychological treatment, and compensation needs. We negotiate, settle, and litigate cases in state and federal court. We handle fraud and deception, false and misleading statements and conduct, theft of property, contract, and conduct of business partners, inside dealings, employers or employees. Call us about to speak to a Pittsburgh PFA lawyer about PFA, and a Pittsburgh lawyer for custody and for DUI or drunk driving.



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Areas of Law:

Family Law - PFA 
Criminal Defense
Contract Disputes
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