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Here is a description of the fees we charge for legal services:


Personal Injury: No fee unless we recover. We further discount our fees by seeking a lower percentage of the recovery than other firms charge. Call for details.


Contract and Business Litigation:  Hourly, but we offer creative payment arrangements that may include a contingency agreement.  Call for details.


PFA: Hourly, sometimes flat fee.  Call for details.


Custody: Hourly, if with PFA.


Support: Hourly, if with PFA.


Wills:  $400 (Free living Will)


Criminal Defense: We handle this hourly, except we try to do a flat fee for each stage of representation to keep the costs reasonable.


Click here for a link to a description of the average costs of legal services, nationwide:  Average cost of legal fees.


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Our law firm will gladly handle for you: Taser cases; police brutality, excessive force; Family Law; PFA – Protection From Abuse Act; Custody –  Child custody in PA; Divorce No fault, simple and complex divorce in Allegheny County; Support – spousal support, child support, APL, and alimony in PA; Criminal Law – Assault, bad checks; Drunk Driving DUI – First offense, second offense, ARD; Contract Law – Breach of contract, agreements to mediate; LLCs, S-Corp Corporate formation; Land Sale Review and drafting of purchase agreements for real property; Deeds Preparation of land sale deeds; Tax Law; Corporation organization; Wills / POA Drafting issues; Asbestos Defense We defend manufacturers, suppliers and contractors; Immigration Law Citizenship matters, Green Cards/Visas, Naturalization, Deportation.

Our experienced attorneys in PA litigate cases involving accidents and injuries, civil rights, traumatic brain injuries, violations, excessive force, deceitful conduct, fraud claims, damages for fraud, deception of a partner, CFE, money and property loses, mental suffering and psychological treatment, and compensation needs. We negotiate, settle, and litigate cases in state and federal court. We handle fraud and deception, false and misleading utterance, and conduct, theft of property, contract, and conduct of business partners/shareholders, inside dealings, employers or employees. Call us about to speak to a Pittsburgh PFA lawyer about PFA, and a Pittsburgh lawyer for custody and for DUI or drunk driving on the roads in Pennsylvania.


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