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We deeply appreciate the trust placed in us by thousands of clients over the years.  We fight for the highest possible recovery in every kind of injury case: motorcycle, car, and truck accidents, falls, dog bite,  civil rights violations- actions against police and municipalities; and civil fraud claims.

How To Get The Highest Recovery.

We have excellent trial skills, but few cases go to trial.  Ninety-five percent cases settle.  The key early on, is to be proactive in moving these cases forward.  The worst thing you can do is look unhurried (or not aggressive) in the eyes of the person you are suing or his insurance carrier. You risk them putting your case on the back-burner unless you continually demand attention.

Set The Tone. 

Your lawyer should set the tone right away that you are not going away.   We draft detailed demand letters (citing to the most recent case law) and promptly follow up with calls. We bombard the other side with supplemental treatment records (showing the progress of your condition) and the implication is:  “We are prepared to show a jury exactly why we should win.”

Great Communication.

A good lawyer is a great communicator. We talk to you every step of the way and constantly evaluate and re-evaluate the goal so we are not wasting your time.  Get all your questions answered: how do I pay my expenses and/or medical bills and co-pays? Will my insurer (health or business loss) make a claim against my settlement?

Earning Our Fees. 

Our lawyers do the leg work: we gather details about the incident, find evidence, take pictures, get insurance info (yours and the responsible party’s), co-pays, and more. We apply our expertise and experience to get you the best possible result.

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