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Know Your Rights 

The opposing party will know his rights regarding any contract; you should know the same, especially concerning a home improvement contract, non-compete, or any other agreement. 

Litigation and Dispute Resolution

We are litigators by vocation, but we realize that not everyone can afford protracted litigation.  We look for ways to amicably resolve any dispute. We will review your land sale agreement, home remodeling contract, home construction agreement (with a general contractor or sub), sales contract, or other important agreement. Getting good advice early can narrow the scope of litigation. 

Handling Your Trial

If your case cannot be settled amicably, you will get great value from our experience, whether you need us to enforce or defend a breach of contract claim. Our experienced trial attorneys will be glad to protect your rights before a jury. Call us for an estimate of your  reasonable costs for trial. 

Home Improvement.

We represent Contractors and Home Owners, we litigate mechanic’s liens. Are you contemplating a home Remodeling project?  Every homeowner should know the answer to this question:  Can your contractor’s subcontractor take a lien against your home even if you have paid your contractor in full? Answer Many times…  Yes.  Conversely, each contractor should as himself:  did I comply with the Pennsylvania Home Improvement Act (governing all contracts entered into on or after July 1, 2009? If not, you may not get paid or have the right to take a lien on the property, plus you may be liable for treble damages and attorney fees.

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