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Transferring Property.

The transfer of real property entails certain formalities such as the need for a writing. This is governed by the “statute of frauds” and applies to all transfers involving deeds, mortgages, easements, rights of way, property conveyances, and other issues involving real property.

Do You Need an Attorney for Your Property Law Case?

In every case, it pays to have an experienced lawyer draft (or review) your deed or other document for irregularities. The relatively small investment you make in having a lawyer make sure your documents are drafted (and filed) correctly the first time can pay huge dividends down the road by saving you time and money in the long run.

Costs: Less Than You May Expect.  

You’ll find the costs are typically in the hundreds, not thousands. You deserve the benefit of having an attorney help you through this process – and making sure it’s done right.   Get a Real Lawyer, not a “Kit.” Ownership in property is often one’s most significant investment in life. You deserve an experienced, licensed attorney to assist you with your property law issue. Suffice to say, you should not entrust the protection of your interest in property to some download off the internet. Getting your documents drafted properly and correctly the first time may be less expensive than you think! Call our Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania attorneys today for a consultation to learn how to fully protect your rights.

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