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Every Person Should Look Out For Loved Ones

It’s about those you leave behind.  You may want to benefit of those left behind to manage the burden of your affairs or to prevent them from having to make life-or-death decisions for you, in the case of a health care directive.

Estate Planning 

There is really no substitute for having a will and/or living will or health care directive. Why let the state decide how your assets will be distributed? Even more importantly, why invite a court to guess at your intentions in the event you become incapacitated and important decisions need to be made?

Legal Advice 

It is relative inexpensive to avoid the guesswork of relying on mere “forms” or online “document prep services.”  Why should you go through life wondering, is a generic “form” (online or otherwise) enough to accomplish my goals?

Admittedly, in certain instances, a simple form will suffice, but why take chances with your will, living will, or important power of attorney?  Use the opportunity to speak with a lawyer to have each paragraph explained to you such that you fully understand your last will and testament, durable power of attorney, living will, or advance directive for heath care. On balance, you and your loved ones deserve the benefit of having an experienced lawyer in Pennsylvania draft your will or other important document to ensure that your intention gets effectuated so that others do not have to guess what you had meant to do.

Our Attorneys Provide Valuable Assistance 

For you, our attorneys will draft a legally binding document that is valid under Pennsylvania law, whether it be a will, living will, power of attorney, or other document. We are real, live lawyers, not a computer program or software that spits out a “will” or “living will.”

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