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(At present, we are only handling family law matters that involve the defense of a PFA.)

“You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.”

If no agreement on custody is possible, start thinking about making a great impression on the judge assigned to your case.  Why is this particularly important in family law?


One Family, One Judge. 

In numerous counties in Pennsylvania (Allegheny included), the court will employ the “one family, one judge” approach.  This means that, the same judge will oversee your case from start to finish, through each modification or alleged violation of an existing order over several years, potentially.  This means that your first impression (in the eyes of the judge assigned to your case) is crucial.  You need to be aggressive about making sure you are prepared for court and ready to cross examine the opposing party.


Get Prepared.

You need to prepare your case for trial even if you hope in the back of your mind that your case will settle and you will work out your custody or visitation matter through a settlement agreement short of a judicial determination. Our Pittsburgh lawyers fully appreciate the burden you face when contemplating a dispute over custody. You need a lawyer who has experience in these matters and who can suggest to you options to help resolve the matter efficiently with as little — or as much — court involvement as needed.


Get A Free Case Evaluation.  

Some lawyers will offer you a free consultation. Fortunately, our Pittsburgh matrimonial attorneys talk to you for free of charge. Our Pittsburgh Pa lawyers give you an estimate of how long your case will take. Over the years, we have represented parents during claims for custody. We handle claims for total custody, partial custody and/or visitation only filed in Pennsylvania and also interstate claims. We also attend custody conferences and proceedings before hearing officers and judges and/or custody trials. Our attorneys also handle appeals to custody resolutions. Further, in the context of a custody determination, we also handle other matters that may surface, such as Protection from Abuse Hearings (PFA) that take place while child support issues remain ongoing. We also help with PFA appeals. We negotiate with other lawyers to resolve the matter most efficiently. Our attorneys always try to negotiate with the other lawyer or lawyers involved in the case. Call our PA lawyers to speak with experienced family law attorneys on this matter.


Myths, Debunked.

Click here to learn about common myths that exist regarding child custody law in Pennsylvania.


Attorneys with Experience.

Our Allegheny County (Pittsburgh) family law attorneys analyze issues concerning claims for custody by grandparents and other family members. Our lawyers in Pittsburgh, PA evaluate the basis for standing for a grandparent or other family member and we handle representation of grandparents and other family members at conferences, hearings, and trials.  We handle these issues throughout Allegheny County (including Pittsburgh), Beaver County, and Washington Counties.

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